Welcome to Homemade

Recent times have made all of us go back to our basics, where we value health, hygiene and safety the most in everything we do including the food we eat and things we buy. While online shopping has increased many folds, but we are unsure of where the items are produced and quality of ingredients. We have started to maintain highest standards in hygiene at our home so we want food and other items that we order from outside at similar or better standards. But can we trust those commercial restaurants and factory-made items to maintain hygiene standards we expect? Here comes Homemade!

Homemade is an upcoming online platform that brings together all items made at home by passionate, highly talented home-based creators using the highest quality ingredients and the safest environment of their own individual home. From a wide variety of home d├ęcor items, to organic and preservative-free beauty products made as per recipes passed through generations. Apparels and accessories in colors and styles not available on any online app or shop. Fresh food, Preserved Food, Ready-to-eat items all made at the healthiest and most hygiene kitchens inspected and approved by our QA team as per 30+ evaluation standards. All such will be launched on Homemade in few weeks! We are inviting home creators like you who make amazing range of items using highest standards. Homemade uses thorough checks and verifications to ensure that not just anyone or everyone gets to be on our platform as we are not a marketplace like Amazon or Swiggy. Only those best in their class will get to be a part of this

Here is why you should be a part of Homemade:

Together, we thrive to be the largest community anywhere on the globe to offer homemade products only. Our quality assurance team ensures that on this platform we feature products that are exclusively prepared at home. No big brands or factory made items are allowed to even list on our platform ever!

Homemade was started by passionate people like you with a sole dream to empower women and men who chose to be homemakers to serve the larger interest of their families. Those talented individuals who sacrificed their career so others could get wings to fly but ended up becoming financially dependent on other family members for every small need. Homemade wants to bring their talent to the world, get them appreciation and earnings that they have long deserved but were confined to limited neighborhood. Homemade also stands for those who want to focus purely on developing their talent without going through pains of commercial setups. Homemade represents the changing face of world, where everyone has equal right for space in global marketplace as world is flatter being all online now. Homemade is epitome of highest standards of health, hygiene and quality that manifests in our homes. Above all Homemade is representation of every item made one-at-a time by hand using purest products, with immense love and passion as if it were for their own family. It thrives to create world into one large family where everyone treats other with highest standards of love and respect.

We are headquartered in Noida and powered by passionate professionals with over two decades of experience in global e-commerce, logistics, customer service and partner relations. The collective talent driving Homemade is no lesser than any Fortune 500 MNC yet there is nothing corporate about us. We are a team of close friends who are out to add more friends like you! So come onboard and lets have fun together !