Why Homemade?

Partner First,

We will only be as good as our partners and therefore our focus is to ensure the right optics & awareness for all our partners. Get started with your couriers or ours.

High Quality &
diverse products

In order to ensure highest standards of performance, each product listed on the platform goes through a stringent scrutiny to make them eligible of creating a specialized experience for the customers.

Largest Delivery Reach

Homemade serves 26000 pin codes across India. It means we can source a product from Ladakh and serve it in Kanyakumari.

Fastest Payment Settlement

We know our home creators need quick cash turnaround to serve more, hence we've created an inbuilt automated process to settle partner payments within 72 hours of order processing.

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How Homemade works for
our partners

Customers order

A customer finds your products and
places an order through the
homemade app.

You prepare

You accept and start processing
the order.

Delivery partners arrive

Delivery partners pick up the order
from your home, then deliver it to
the customer.

Get Started Image
Get Started Image
Get started in just
3 steps
  • Tell us about your business and onboard
  • Upload your menu and details on our partners app
  • Start getting orders
Get Started
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Manju Singh Shalini Singh Tarini Seigell Yadav
What our partners are
  • I could have never taken my hidden secrets of 40 years to those who value organic natural skin treatments if it were not for Homemade who not only promoted but provided everything to cater entire India

    Manju Singh

  • Homemade extends our brand awareness to neighbourhoods that wouldn't normally be exposed to us.

    Shalini Singh

  • My hobby is now my profession. Homemade is taking me to thousands of homes while I focus on highest quality items to keep coming from my oven.

    Tarini Seigell Yadav

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Fromhomemade Images
About Us

Homemade is a platform to help creators like you. Here, we bring together all the home chefs, artist, artisans and food smiths on-board. Together, we thrive to be the largest community anywhere on the globe to offer homemade products only. Our quality assurance team ensures that on this platform we feature products that are exclusively prepared at home.

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